Greatest goal as a photographer

Someone once asked; "What is your greatest goal as a photographer?"

This was my reply on the 1st of January 2015 (I hope it helps you in your own creative journey):

"There are many answers to this question, depending on the inner conviction of the individual. Helmut Newton interpreted his visual and mental environment through the eyes of his childhood. A glamorous ever changing hotel environment and meeting interesting people at the side of his only (active) parent: His meticulously well-dressed and mannered mother. His photos reflect that. Mysterious powerful intricate woman, larger than life.
If your goal is (mainly) money, well, it will show through a commercial one size fits all, or a very unique, one of its kind collectable.
If it is to be understood, a series of social or spiritual statements as well as questions might arise as a body of work.
Ultimately, whatever your (true) motivation, your inner conviction will become your translation, and unique interpretation of any subject.
The sooner you realise this and pursue it; the quicker you will reach the path to your own personal goal.
There is no franchise to success. Only principles. And rules to be broken.
Be true to yourself - that is the greatest goal - also to success as a photographer."

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Gerhard Bouwer

I am an experienced all-rounded photographer since 1988; ranging from photojournalism to advertising, event, sports, fashion portfolios, portraits, landscapes and industrial photography such as product, architectural and aerial photography.