Artistic Vision

My artistic vision is to capture the unique quality of subjects, reminiscent of their character, through the photographic process. A photograph is only but a representation of reality. By tapping into my intuitive artist, I strive to convey a fresh and challenging worldview. Larger than life portraits, sometimes needs an illusionist approach to faithfully capture the viewers’ attention; distinguishing the interpretation from billions of others. The ideal images are a symbiotic combination of concept and creative expression.

Artist Statement

Photographing people, nature and all the emotion surrounding its beauty and achievements is something that still takes my breath away. For within that fleeting moment in time, an image is created that evokes wonder, nostalgia and a sense of our own fragility and responsibility in the mighty space of creation.

It is my wish for you to be moved by the image interpretation, as co-creators, documenting and directing the artistry of life.

Behind the Lens

I am an experienced all-rounder photographer since 1988; ranging from photojournalism to advertising, event, sports, fashion portfolios, portraits, landscapes and industrial photography such as product, architectural and aerial photography.

My experience as an owner, brand strategist and photographer for an advertising agency has provided diversity, relevancy and creative interpretation to many photographic assignments.